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Franklin J. Kim课题组介绍

Franklin J. Kim,副教授、研究员
2017.9 – current, Associate professor, ShanghaiTech University, School of Physical Science and Technology
2015 – 2017, Program specific associate professor, Kyoto University, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences
2010 – 2015, Program specific assistant professor, Kyoto University, Institute for Integrated Cell-Material Sciences
2007 – 2010, Postdoctoral researcher, Northwestern University, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering (Advisor: Prof. Jiaxing Huang)
2005 – 2007, Postdoctoral researcher, UC Berkeley, Dept. of Bioengineering (Advisor: Prof. Luke P. Lee)
1999 – 2005, Ph. D. researcher, UC Berkeley, Dept. of Chemistry (Advisor: Prof. Peidong Yang)
1996 - 1999, B.S., Seoul National University, Dept. of Chemistry

Our group is interested in using various nanomaterials as building blocks for constructing novel functional structures, either through chemical synthesis or self-assembly. We focus on developing strategies which will allow precise control over the property and functionality of the produced structures. Specific topics include 
1. Shape-controlled synthesis of nanoparticles
2. Functionalization of nanoparticle via surface modification
3. Preparation of graphene-based nanostructures via interfacial assembly
4. Self-assembly of nanomaterials at liquid-liquid and air-liquid interfaces


2011 ~ current

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2005 ~ 2010

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2000 ~ 2005

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Book chapters

1.     “Evaporative self-assembly of ordered complex structures (Editor: Z. Lin, Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company)   J. Kim, F. Kim, K. Sohn, L. J. Cote, J. Huang, 2012, pp. 189-233


Chuang Li (李闯)

2017 class graduate student


Piao Wen (文飘)

2017 class graduate student